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I Guess I Picked The Wrong Week...

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Hello Everyone, Welcome back!

First off, let me just say "thank you" for your support. I've been touched by so many of you reaching out to me with messages of encouragement. It has truly lifted my spirits! I've been going though a little rough patch --literally & figuratively-- dealing with side effects from the radiation therapy. But happily it's finished and I can just focus on recovery!!

Having said that, these past few days, I’ve been lounging around trying to summon the energy to write my second blog post, which has reminded me of that ongoing “I guess I picked the Wrong Week” gag in the film, Airplane. I hope to write more next time, but for now, I'm in conserving energy mode, so I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite vintage and modern things.

I'm thankful we live in a time where we can enjoy reuniting with family & friends via the magic of technology. The highlight of last weekend was my husband Paul's birthday. (Here's one of his birthday gifts) We celebrated the occasion with a Zoom gathering that left us feeling so happy, like we'd been at real party! I hope that during this time, you're connecting with loved ones through tech. What's you favorite way to reach out and touch someone?

Belonging to different vintage-related social communities, I'm loving how creatively people have been connecting via social media, often expanding their reach far beyond their normal niche. Have you been following or participating in any of the different social media challenges? I did a couple of Instagram challenges before the radiation therapy started, but then I got too distracted. Now, I hope to do more. I'm especially loving the different before-and-after videos, in which various items are "passed" to each other. It's fun to see these gorgeous pinups and dancers lounging at home in their ordinary clothes and then to see them suddenly transformed into all their vintage inspired splendor. Here's one of my favorites, which was created by performers from the House of Burlesque production company and features outfits from Collectif Vintage Clothing.

Here's some (fake) news for you, going way back to Spanish Influenza Pandemic. Nick Farriella wrote a hilarious F. Scott Fitzgerald letter parody. It was so good, that it went viral. Thing was that people thought it was real. Since then, a disclaimer has been added. (The give away was that Hemingway & Fitzgerald didn't meet till April 1925, as recounted by Ernest Hemingway in chapter 17 of his memoir, A Moveable Feast).

This music video made me cry with joy: Malinda Herman

From a CBS news report, you might want to add this device to your medicine cabinet, to monitor any possible CoVid symptoms.

For inspiration, I could listen to the Inaugural Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman all day.

I’m in awe of artist, Katie Rogers and these beautiful side-by-side creative duet videos, she is creating with different artists, as we stay-at-home creative duets.

Enjoy! Be well, take good care and stay safe & healthy!

Love & light to you,


Home and Yonder • Post Office Box #800576 • Santa Clarita CA 91380

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