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Winter Was Warm:  Swingin' and Sentimental Songs of the Season  is a fresh medly of unusual Christmas and Winter songs sung in sweet nostalgic tones. Featuring:


Jeudi - Vocals

John Boswell - Producer/Arranger/ Piano/ Vocals on Duet

David Boswell - Producer/ Music Engineer & Mixer/ Guitars

Yvette Hotzwarth - Violin


Presented by Home And Yonder

Winter Was Warm CD

  • As a vintage loving chanteuse with a penchant for research, I delight in mining for forgotten musical gems.  Most of these tunes are lost treasures from the 1930's to the 1950's.  Half are Christmas songs and half are about Winter.  This collection captures the many moods of the season with 7 uptempo tunes (ranging from swinging to stride to jaunty foxtrot) and 7 ballads.  Freshen up your playlist while staying true to the vintage vibe!  

    Thank you for including my "Winter Was Warm" collection in the soundtrack for your holiday season!