Thank you for coming along on my artist journey!


To get your welcome gift of *Stardust*, check you email inbox and follow these simple directions:
  • Click the button in the email. The song is in a .zip file
  • Double click on that .zip file and it'll automatically download to your desktop (or downloads folder) to reveal the folder with the song inside.
  • Play it and enjoy!
I'll be in touch soon.


A Message from Hoagy Carmichael's Son


"Hello Jeudi:

My thanks for sharing your video with me. I am aware of at least 2,300 recorded versions of Star Dust, so I will add one more to that number. It was a treat to hear your take on the song.


Best wishes,

Hoagy B. Carmichael"


(You can watch the Stardust video here, or on my home page).