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From Spectator to Supporter:

Embark on Your Patronage Journey

The Offer

An opportunity to invest in and champion this work that you love. Become an angel contributor and you’ll be a vital part of our origin story and professional trajectory.

Defining Arts Patronage

The raison d'etre for patronage is philanthropy and altruism. True patronage is nurturing emerging artists and projects. It's fostering creativity. It's the reward of elevating and impacting an artist’s career and work. 

The Return on Investment

By contributing, you're making a statement about what you value, appreciate and want to preserve. You are making a statement that this work has artistic merit and is deserving of support, funding and development.

You are helping fund the kind of artistic endeavors that you would like to see in the world. You are increasing the visibility, opportunities and the mission of the work that you admire. 

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The reward in the giving is the knowledge that:

  • You are serious about artistic merit and the integrity of artists.
  • You are playing a critical role in the growth of the project by providing resources that will allow us to create work that might not otherwise exist. 
  • You see the potential and want to support this incubation period. 
  • You are creatively nurturing the process of emerging work and allowing it to thrive.
  • Your largesse moves the work forward, and helps the artists scale the level of engagement, so the work can be seen by exponentially more people.
  • You share in our joy and have the pride and prestige of bragging rights because you saw the vision and helped to bring it to others.
  • You're supporting the creation of work whose optimistic themes of love, resilience and hope have a positive emotional impact and whose timely message brings more joy into the world.
  • You are also a champion of this rich trove of mostly forgotten music from the Jazz Age era, ensuring that these 80-100 year old songs once again have an adoring audience. You can partner with us in these efforts.

At any dollar amount your contribution makes a difference. Consider making the shift from fan to arts champion, from arts enthusiast to benefactor, from audience member to inner circle. 

Want to support us with your in-kind services, expertise or donations? We would be delighted to speak with you.

Want to support us in other ways? You can: follow us on social media, spread the word about our work, leave reviews, post about our work, follow the blog, share fundraising appeals, and seriously reward artistic merit whenever you see it.

Thank you for your generous support! We look forward to connecting with you!

Best Regards,

Jeudi Cornejo Brealey


Become A Patron
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