Jeudi is a "vintage voiced chanteuse", who sings salvaged sweet jazz, sourced from a time, when the dance floor was the ultimate social platform, and the prospect of romance was just a Fox Trot, Charleston, or Lindy Hop away. 

A self-described “musical archaeologist”, Jeudi enjoys the thrill of sleuthing through antique shops and the Interwebs to excavate forgotten musical treasures. She traces this musical interest back to her earliest childhood, when she would listen to 78s on her grandfather's Victrola and when she would spend countless hours pumping the pedals on her family's player piano and singing along with the songs on the hundreds of piano rolls. This passion for the music of yesteryear has continued throughout her life.

Over the years, Jeudi's cabaret acts have become synonymous with storytelling through song, and much like an assemblage artist, she collects material from different sources, eras and genres and puts them together to tell a never-before-told story. International cabaret circle audiences delight in Jeudi's intimate salon evenings of rare musical finds, which she dusts off, polishes and brings to the stage again for modern audiences and vintage nouveau enthusiasts. 


Jeudi's first recording, "Winter Was Warm - Swingin' and Sentimental Songs of the Season," featured many lost treasures.  As a self-professed "musical archaeologist," she excavated forgotten gems from antique shop music heaps and dusted them off for those modern listeners, who while loving their holiday standards, wanted to expand their playlist beyond the old chestnuts.


Starting in June 2020, Jeudi will launch a series of monthly music releases, as part of a curated song cycle she calls "Love Outshines the Moon."  These shimmering Jazz Age tunes, known and forgotten, alternately wax and wane poetic and energetic with timeless verities of the heart.  Look for the accompanying historical fiction and a recorded set, to be released at the end of the song cycle.


A trained multi-disciplinary artist, Jeudi earned her MFA at CalArts, other studies were completed at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, SDSU and Paris-Sorbonne.

"Reminiscent of the Great Chanteuses of the Past, Right Here in the Present!" 

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