Love Outshines the Moon



Can You Relate?                  

There’s been a pandemic and one great war ended. Humanity suffered so much loss, but with social, spiritual, technological and scientific advances, positive change is on the cusp. Only now, with so much at stake, civil liberties and civility are being challenged; dark forces gather, autocracy hovers; the confidence for the 20s is fizzling; many are struggling, some fear depression, yet hope prevails: LOVE OUTSHINES THE MOON !

The world may be going to hell in a hand-basket, but the artists working in Tin Pan Alley, the Golden Era of Radio Theatre and the Golden Age of Hollywood create a tuneful tonic for troubling times. These works serve as bright beacons lighting a path through the darkness by entertaining, lifting spirits, sharing beauty and love… Always love.

It’s a romance revival in this merry musical, where whole-hearted happiness, high-jinks and hilarity meet in a seaside resort. A dapper actor/would-be radio producer pitches to the Lux soap company “A True Love Radio Road Show” program and while scouting for talent on a moonlit pleasure pier, falls for a pretty & plucky, lovelorn singer/diarist. Just starting out, they don’t have much, just grit and imagination, but love lights their way. She writes the initial episode based on their romance. He produces it and their story captivates the nation, making them the reality stars of the Jazz Age and (Act 2 spoiler alert) catapulting them from radio theatre onto the big screen and beyond.

You're the Live Studio Audience for the imagined broadcast of this happy-go-lucky hit! Time travel with us and dress the part. You’ll be the cat’s pajamas! 

Vintage Attire Encouraged!



Writer Director’s Note

Some of this music may be 100 years old, but it sounds fresh and familiar because we connect to the artistry, timeless emotions and humanity. Today, we can see startling historic parallels, which resonate in ways I could never have imagined when I began this project back in 2015. Back then, when framing the story for others, I had to explain what a pandemic was and how everyone living in that era was a survivor. Just Like Us. Now, more than ever, we seek the light and we’re all looking for a happy ending. I’ve been developing this project for 7 years; to me, it’s a calling. At times the journey seemed circuitous, or off-track. Now I see that we’re right on time, for such a time as this. We need to share it with a wider audience. How can you help?

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Wishing you love and light!         

Jeudi Cornejo Brealey                 


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