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"Jeudi" Signature Collection

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Featuring charming vintage-vibe souvenirs and merchandise designed by Jeudi.

"Love Outshines the Moon" Collection

Each purchase of merchandise adds to the show's development fund.

Shop these sweet vintage-inspired collectibles and souvenirs. 

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"Winter Was Warm" Collection

The CD, plus a charming collection of holiday keepsakes & stocking stuffers to include when gifting the album.

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Winter Was Warm CD

Most of these tunes are lost treasures from the 1930s to the 1950s. Half are Christmas songs and half are about  Winter. This collection captures the many moods of the season with 7 uptempo tunes (ranging from swinging to stride to jaunty foxtrot) and 7 ballads.

Freshen up your playlist while staying true to the retro vibe. 

The beautifully designed, vintage-inspired CD  makes a delightful holiday gift. 

$20. Includes USA shipping. (Foreign shipping additional).



Jeudi's Chapeaux Shop - Coming Soon!

Featuring hats from Jeudi's personal collection.

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for Vintage Playlists

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  • I¬†create unique, atmospheric playlist content for vintage-themed brands, historical societies, events and experiences.¬†¬†
  • I research & curate¬†memorable¬†vintage set-lists for busy bandleaders.


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