"I am so in awe of the work you do in researching music and accessing songs. These playlists are gold. People need to know how awesome you are, if they don't already. You are a treasure!"


Margot Gerber, Past President,

Art Deco Society of Los Angeles

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  • Event planner: Struggling to¬†find fresh music for your¬†vintage-themed event, brand or experience?¬†


  • Vintage band leader: Do you want to serve up¬†a¬†distinctive¬†& authentic set-list for your fans, but don't have the time to research for gems?

  I can help. 


For the Event Planner

I create unique, atmospheric playlist content for vintage-themed brands, historical societies, events and experiences. 

Let music set the mood for your special event, wedding, museum, theatre, site-specific art installation, wedding, or cozy gathering. 

I can also curate an evocative branded soundtrack for your brick & mortar shop, bar, coffee house or restaurant. I'll create an audible atmosphere your clients will love.

The Playlist Advantage

-Because sometimes you just don't want a DJ, or it's not practical.

  • It's reliable and consistent.
  • It's cost and space effective.
  • It can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime, through any device.¬†
  • It can be connected to a QR code.
  • It can be used to generate excitement and anticipation for your live programming.

Anyone can easily make a playlist, so is it even worth the investment?

It is if you're feeling overwhelmed by all the event tasks you need to accomplish and lacking the knowledge, or wherewithall to do the research and learn the tech.

Sure you're capable and could DIY, but, 

I can make your life easier, as I skillfully create a soundtrack that will transport your audience.

For the Vintage Band Leader 

You're busy doing all the things, but you want your set-list to be unique and  memorable.

I got you. Let's create some excitement by incorporating forgotten standards. I'll help you find special material that you can then adapt. You'll take this trove of tunes and create your own fresh new charts & arrangements for your vintage jazz or swing band - - Unique songs that are on brand and not over-played. Your audience will thank you.

I can also create a custom playlist that the venue can play between your sets to keep the dancers on the floor and the energy going. I'll create something that varies tempos, too, so the dancers won't burn out, but they'll keep buying drinks. The venue will thank you.

It's not actual charts, so is it even worth the investment?

It is if you're tired of playing the same old chestnuts, and you want to freshen things up for your band & your fans, but you've got a long to-do list and you're short on: 

  • free-time
  • research skills
  • desire
  • patience

Sure, you're a great bandleader and could DIY it, or...

Opt to delegate it and give yourself some breathing room, so you can focus on playing. I can help with the overwhelm.

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Sample the playlists I created for the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles

During the pandemic lockdown, the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles engaged their members in virtual "Cocktails in Historic Places" Zoom parties. Margot Gerber, President of  ADSLA, asked me to perform and Home and Yonder created music videos as programming for these events. But I saw another means to engage and extend the experience and spread joy during challenging times...

I proposed creating thematic playlists as companion listening experiences. These were curated to enhance the experience by setting the tone for each unique virtual venue. Another benefit was that subsequent listenings would keep the ADSLA in people's minds. For this sophisticated audience, it was a fun challenge to both satisfy their expectations and exceed them, by introducing rarified and forgotten songs into the collections.  The playlists did both and were a great success.

A Musical Nod to the Songs, Scores and Shows Played in the Carthay Circle Theatre

I started by researching show programs for the Carthay Circle Theatre. These usually listed the performers and their song choices, but oftentimes, the songs were never recorded by that particular artist. So, in those cases, I substituted either the song or the singer. 

‚ÄčOther times, I included a contemporary version of a song because despite its historical significance, there were no other options. For example, I was astounded to learn that none of the original¬†Porgy and Bess¬†soundtrack recordings remain because an African-American story wasn‚Äôt deemed important enough to archive. The tragic loss of this artistic work¬†reflects the times‚Äô racial inequity.¬†In general, I chose to highlight important moments from the Carthay's four-decade history. Good or bad.

"A Toast to the Carthay Circle" Playlist
Music for a Cocktail Party
with Nick & Nora + Asta in 1930s Manhattan

This playlist truly delights. As a tribute to the beloved film characters and their sophisticated world, I imagined what might be heard during a swank two-hour cocktail party in the Charles' Manhattan penthouse apartment.

I featured songs that would have been popular with the 1930s New York cabaret and cafe society, including songs by Cole Porter, Noel Coward, and other luminaries of the era. Of course, there are songs about drinking. I even tip a hat towards their beloved fox terrier, Asta.

To really indulge the superfan in all things Nick & Nora, there's a link to the popular radio broadcast of The Thin Man.



"Thin Man" Ultimate Playlist
An Ode to the Artists & Expats,
Emotions & Energy of Paris in the 1920s -1930s.

Jazz Age Paris! The city was magnetic and vibrant, drawing artists and expats with it's promise of vitality and cheap living. It was a haven of hedonism and escapism for the "Lost Generation", and a crossroads for the greatest artists and thinkers of the era. 

The Art Deco LA event was imagined as a "virtual bar-crawl" through some of the most celebrated venues, highlighting the experiences of International Barfly expats. I wondered: What music did people hear in that city during that heady time? This playlist answers that question with a whimsical variety of songs and genres, including: Early  jazz roots harkening to WW1 African-American expats like James Reese Europe and his 369th US Infantry band, nicknamed the Harlem Hellfighters; French popular music favored by the working class; Theatrical music that features Paris as it's muse; Experimental works inspired by the poetry of Jean Cocteau, Eric Satie and his disciples, Les Six. It's an eclectic mix.

"Jazz Age Paris" Playlist
Traveling Tunes for Wanderlusty Film Fans.
Motor down the highway, drive-in & take-off
to the 1930s. No passport required.

Though this playlist can be enjoyed at any time, it's good to know that it was initially designed as a companion playlist to be enjoyed as the ADSLA members traveled enroute to a historic airfield in Orange County for a drive-in movie double- feature. Estimating that for most folks, the travel there would take 1-2 hours, this playlist takes them on a journey. 

The "travel"¬†theme is mirrored in this playlist¬†and starts with an evening drive. From there, the narrative echoes the evening's films. It starts with¬†music from (and inspired by)¬†‚ÄúFlying Down to Rio‚ÄĚ, which features Latin music sounds of the 1930s.

Then I ‚Äúswitch reels‚ÄĚ to¬†‚ÄúLove on the Run‚Ä̬†and¬†per the film's plot line, madcap adventures ensue, as the listener travels on a train, ocean liner and airplane to finally reach the continent. To wrap it up, I set the traveler back in the car for the drive¬†home.

"Drive-In Double Feature" Playlist
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  • Methods

As an intersectional artist with a research background, I delight in finding and reintroducing rare and obscure songs to modern vintage-loving audiences.¬†I apply the methods of¬†an¬†assemblage artist,¬†who finds and reassembles objects to tell a unique, entirely new narrative. In this situation it's¬†‚Äúfound‚Ä̬†forgotten tunes from varied sources & genres, sprinkled with new retro-centric music, arranged to set the mood and tell the story you want to tell: one that represents you, your brand, your event.

  • Vision

I envision each live or digital experience as an opportunity to set the scene. Music is much more than sonic wall paper. It sets the tone for what comes next. It creates subtle and subtextual layers. It is theatrical and atmospheric storytelling. I liken this to 'time traveling through song'.

  • Storytelling

When making playlists, I try to tell a sequential story that flows from beginning to end. Stringing together disparate pieces, I find a thru-line in the lyrics to tell a succinct story that remains entertaining, compelling and relevant despite the age and era of the source material. 

For brands and bands, it's all about finding your story and then presenting that vision to your audience. Let's craft it together.


  • Process

I usually spend upwards of 12 to 20 hours searching for just the right material; it's like fitting together puzzle pieces, looking for a missing link. The songs are thematically specific to the scheduled event, the mood and the location.

  • Dedicated to preserving this art form

Oftentimes, I'll find a great tune, but good original recordings simply don’t exist.  This provides the perfect opportunity to highlight the music of contemporary indie musicians, like myself, who are dedicated to preserving the Great American Songbook, Tin Pan Alley and Early Jazz. Here I might include a modern rendition of a song instead of the original recording, or a newly-written song that uses the same musical language.

As there is a renaissance of artists playing in the vintage vibe, this provides a delightful surprise for modern vintage enthusiasts and ensures the preservation and proliferation of this genre.

  • Pricing

Fees vary according to each specific event (or band), the amount of research needed to find the ideal material and the desired length of the actual play or set list. Contact me directly to set up an evaluation.


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