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It's me writing from today reflecting on this past post. I find it so interesting to read this post four years later. I can see the creative arc that has been made and what came to fruition and what didn't and how some pieces are still in play. It was before I really knew what I was doing and I was operating purely from a place of love, hope and optimism. OK that's generally my MO, but boy-oh-boy have I learned volumes since then about producing music and marketing and graphic art and playwriting and producing theatre and making music videos and so much more! 

And the blog title! This was the first time I mentioned "Love Outshines the Moon". We're going to the land of Woo because truly this was a "download". I sat down at my keyboard and basically took dictation from the Universe.The title and the story. But the details... what I was going to do with it...That was a revelation over time. It's still unfolding. At the time of this post it was still vague: a title for an eventual album release; the outline for what I was then calling a "historical fiction"; a collection of songs and a vision board.

Today, the historical fiction is ever evolving into the book for my vision of a jukebox musical by the same name: "Love Outshines the Moon". (The funny thing is that "Stardust" isn't part of the show.) I do still intend to release the origin story at some point; it's quite different and I think it's very engaging. Of the recorded songs, only 10 have been released, but this spring I am heading back into the studio to replace scratch vocals and I plan to get the albums slated for release later this year. The title for one of the albums has changed. Meanwhile, the playlist title was applied to a one-off cabaret show I did last summer. What has stayed the same is that you will get a free copy of Stardust when you subscribe to my list. Stay tuned to learn more. And if you're the type who really enjoys a backstage pass, become a patron.



"Love Outshines the Moon" by Jeudi Cornejo Brealey

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Welcome back! I’ve missed you.

Sorry I've been away. It’s been such a busy couple of weeks preparing for the release of the STARDUST single! It's taken a certain amount of surrender to do business during this period since everything is on a different delayed time frame. Today was set to be the big launch and while it's still happening, the day almost escaped due to some of those delayed digital distribution systems. Truly, I've been caught up in the 'interwebs' getting all digital business systems in place in anticipation of this moment. You know how you want to get the place looking spiffy before the guests arrive? Well, I've also been doing some of that. Even my website got a refresh! I also added a dedicated Jeudi IG music gallery, which you can follow. It will soon branch off in a different direction, separate from the Home And Yonder IG gallery. Even the bio-links got expanded.

 Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!! I can finally say that now the time has arrived and we’re here at the beginning of a new journey together! I've been keeping this project a secret for so long, but at last, I can tell you more!

STARDUST  kicks off a whole series of regular Jazz Age music releases, that I'll be putting out in the coming months**. I’m so proud of this 14+ song catalogue / five+ years-in-the-making project! While each song can stand alone, as a set, they're part of what I'm calling the “LOVE OUTSHINES THE MOON” song cycle. There's an accompanying historical fiction and a recorded set which we're planning to release through our Home And Yonder label after all the individual songs have been released.

Gift Number 1 !!!

I love giving presents and I've made a few for you to enjoy! For now, as a gift to you, you can download STARDUST from my website for free!! (It's only free via my website. Click the "Buy from Artist" button.) I'm just asking that you please share the free link with anyone and everyone who you think will love my music! What?! Why am I asking you to give away my music? It's because expanding my audience and getting more plays and "follows" and "likes" and reviews is really key to any artist's success! Right now, I need to develop my mailing list of fans! Can you help me do that? Just copy and paste this: https://jeudi.bandcamp.com/album/stardust-single and send it to people who will love this genre of music! (Remember to tell them that it's free even though it says "Buy from Artist")

Because I'm into creating a time-traveling experience around my music, and that's currently limited to the virtual world, I've also created and am creating even more fun supplementary material, as gifts for you!!

Gift Number 2 !!

You may not know this, but I love to create playlists for all sorts of occasions, moods, travels and activities. Ok, I'm going to date myself, but it really started way back with mixtapes. Do you remember making and swapping mixtapes with your friends? Was that a thing for you? It definitely was a thing in my crowd. We'd love to share obscure songs along with new hits from our favorite bands. Since we were all into vintage to some degree, there were a lot of standards and classics mixed in on those tapes. Way back in my 20s, there was a guy in the scene who had a crush on me, and to show it, he made me the most wonderful mixtape of songs from his 78 RPM collection. Cupid missed, but his mixtape didn't! I was positively swooning... over the songs! He totally nailed it. Somehow, he knew exactly my taste in music. It was heavy on the jazz age with some eclectic rare tunes and surprises mixed in. This not only influenced my future playlists, but also my own music projects! Here's the "tape": I created a new playlist just for you, for this occasion called “Jeudi’s Moonlit Music for Jazz Age Lunatics” which is a good compliment for what’s to come in "LOVE OUTSHINES THE MOON". I actually call it a 'panoply+ list' since it's a splendid array of songs in the Jazz Age genre and beyond. It includes some of my favorite songs by artists as varied as Bunny Berigan, Billie Holiday, Johnny Mercer, Alex Mendham, Dick Haymes, Jill Barber, Harry Nilsson, Loudon Wainwright, Max Raabe, Anita O'Day and Cal Tjader. I'll be adding and mixing it up over time, so check it out and "like it" to subscribe. It's here on Spotify.


Gift Number 3!!!

And since I'm personally in love with learning about the process of making art, I love it when artists share their secrets, or tips, or peel back the curtain to show what they were thinking.

So, as another surprise, I’m also giving you access to my previously secret Pinterest inspiration board. I'm a hyper-organized gal who loves lists. I'm also a multidisciplinary artist who definitely designs my environment. I have volumes of "tear books" with ideas in them. That was before Pinterest made it so easy to collect ideas and digitally hoard them. I still refer to the articles and ideas I tore out of magazines and put into binders, but now I primarily use Pinterest when I’m developing a new project. I like to visualize the ambience, atmosphere and mood and this is a good way to keep all the information organized and easy to share with colleagues. I love Pinterest and I actually had the opportunity to go to a party in their headquarters a few years back and let me tell you, it was a pin worthy place! I still keep these pictures from the party on my desktop, as motivational reminders:

I hope you enjoy STARDUST and all these other goodies from me and Home And Yonder, our family-based art collective. There’s lots more to come! Stay tuned by subscribing to my blog and by liking my Spotify Artist Page so that you'll be told the instant new material is released. In this case, sharing is caring! Spread the word! Leave a note below and let me know what you think!

Thanks so much!! I appreciate your patronage!



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