ARCHIVE: From 07.14.2022: "Why the July 16 Show Is Postponed"

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"Why the July 16 Show Is Postponed" by Jeudi Cornejo Brealey

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Well, I suspected as much, since everyone else in my household tested positive, but I just now got my PCR lab test results confirming that I too, have Covid. Honestly, it's a very strange feeling to contract something you've been fearful of and avoiding for a few years. In a way, it's not so scary and also very humbling. I keep replaying the early months of the lockdown in my mind and thinking about all the loss of life and all the monumental changes. In a way, having Covid is a great spiritual teacher, much as cancer was, because it makes me feel great compassion and unity with all those who have suffered so greatly due to this pandemic. It makes the global connection to humanity that much closer. It also reminds me not to take anything for granted because tomorrow is never promised. It makes me grateful for modern science and for my strong immune system and for my beautiful life and all the people in it. It makes me grateful to be able to share my music and creativity with you and so many other people around the world. It makes me happy to know that amidst all the negativity, that my work can act as a positive "tuneful tonic" that spreads joy and touches hearts and maybe even inspires hope. Thankfully I'm fully vaxxed and boosted, so I know that will accelerate a speedy recovery. I'm grateful to be sequestered with my family and to know they are all recovering beautifully. Already the guys are all feeling better, so that's encouraging. Frankly, I'm feeling a little better, too. I'm resilient, so don't you worry.  Obviously, we're postponing this week's show. It's so disappointing after all the work and rehearsal that's gone into it, and we'll miss not connecting with this beautiful community we've developed at the Jeweled Universe, but we'll be back on August 20 with some great new additions. There are some surprises that I'll save for later, as we work out the details, but I'll share a few of the changes you can look forward to:

  • A newly revised script

  • A newly designed poster

  • Newly composed underscoring

  • A few new songs

  • And more!


I'm an optimist, and I really have no cause for complaint, but I will admit that there are some events I'll be sad to miss, like not being able to see the stage production of Moulin Rouge at the Pantages tomorrow for Le Quatorze Juillet - - AKA Bastille Day. But I'll make adjustments. It's another reminder of how during that first year of the pandemic, we all learned to pivot and be flexible. So, as a full-fledged francophone, I'll do my best to try and put up a post tomorrow with some favorite photos and maybe even a recipe or two. But let's see what tomorrow brings. I'll listen to my intuition and my body and focus on recuperating. It's my intention to be fully up to speed by July 25, so I can enjoy my birthday in high style. I'll drop you a line next week with a progress report.   

Till then, sending you love & light and wishes for good health,   



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