I'm Back! The "Radio Silence" is Broken!

2024 jeudi cornejo brealey jeudi the vintage-voiced chanteuse love outshines the moon manifest your good my artist journey welcome post May 22, 2024

"The radio silence is broken!" The new website and blog are here! 

Can I have a Hallelujah??!! After five months of diligent work, I'm resurfacing! I finished the design and construction of my brand-spanking-new website and blog!!! If you've never created one before, my excitement may be landing flat, but let me just say that it was quite a technical learning curve for me to bring it to fruition. For literally years, people were asking for the features I'm now able to serve to you, but I was intimidated by the tech and didn't make the time to learn it and so my business was languishing and opportunities were missed. So you can see why I'm feeling quite triumphant and proud of all the effort it took for me to manifest this vision! And you co-created the vision with me. It's all been created with you in mind. 

There are still little tweaks here and there, but "done is better than perfect", so, the site went "live" last Friday. It was the perfect day for a "soft launch" because then my husband, Paul and I launched off from Long Beach to Catalina Island for the Avalon Ball. It really was a celebratory week-end with friends from the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles. (I'll write a separate post telling you all about it.)

Right now I want to tell you about the website and all the bells and whistles that make it so special. From a tech perspective, it is robust. I can share a wider range of pages for you to explore, and rather than having to cobble each aspect together on my own, as I previously did (IE: website, email, commerce, etc) -- This one platform can offer it all in one comprehensive website and with room to grow my business even more. If you haven't checked it out already, I am so excited for you to see how beautiful this all looks. The branding is consistent and fun and whimsical. It also has galleries of photos and videos and music and even merch!

The main thing is that it is comprehensive. My previous website only focused on my music, but I'm really an intersectional artist, so now you can see all my work in one place. Of course that means that there is a whole area dedicated to my juke box musical "Love Outshines the Moon" with a gallery, merchandise and the patron opportunities ardent fans were asking for, which will help us grow this show to the next level! 

I can also blog with more ease. And for me, ease = more consistency. Writing is such a integral part of who I am. (I have journals going back to my early teens). So I look forward to doing more writing and sharing a myriad of musings. Many of you have told me how much you enjoyed my previous blog. So, I've included my most popular posts from the old site. And as per your requests, all the blog posts are now searchable. 

And I can even "vlogs" (meaning video posts). Being able to post them here on my own site, gives me more agency over my work. You may recall the short lived IGTV? Well when I was moving through cancer treatment I posted quite a few 5-10 minute videos to my IG channel. But once IG decided to move more in the direction of TikTok, those videos were either randomly edited to mini-video clips, or deleted. This makes me sad because I received a lot of grateful messages from people going through similar situations, and that was the whole point: to share my experience to help inspire other people. If I can find those source videos, I may add them here as well.

Anyhow, I'm sounding like a proud mama artist showing off her baby project. Mostly what I want to say is thank you for following me on this artist journey. I'm grateful and I hope you love this beautiful new website I made for you. I hope you'll reach out and tell me how you've enjoyed it. (There's a public comment form below every blog post, or  contact me here).  I also hope you'll tell me about any typos, errors or wonky navigation. - - (I'm working on the phone navigation in the vertical orientation. Not sure I can fix that, but a good work-around is holding your phone horizontally. Long-wise it'll look prettier too.) Mostly I just hope you love it. (If I could figure it out, I'd insert my favorite emojis here. LOL) . Kindly leave a comment below. 

Sending you love and light,


Kindly leave a comment below.

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